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A Few Thoughts on Writing & Recording "Let's JUst Stay In Bed".

“Let’s Just Stay in Bed” is a very quiet acoustic guitar and vocal song. I wanted the sound of the recording to match the intimacy of waking up in bed, right next to your special one. The lyrics describe one of the quietest moments of the day. To match that moment, I played a very soft finger picking pattern on my acoustic guitar. I paired that with a softly sung vocal to provide intimacy. I added “texture” with a few subtle keyboard flourishes. For me, the challenge was showing restraint and not adding additional instruments. The goal was to make this song have a very intimate sound. 

Occasionally, we need to break the rules of the daily routine to get back to what really matters. “Let’s Just Stay in Bed” is a call to action to “blow off” the morning and snuggle up with your special one. Then, later in the day, when your eyes meet, you’ll get a look that you haven’t seen in a while…   

Let's Just Stay in Bed- Sheet Music