Anyone But You

"Anyone But You" is influenced by the British Invasion sound of 1964 & 1965. This song is a declaration of friendship, love and understanding delivered with a wink & a smile.

Anyone But You- Music Video

Cover Art

Behind The Song

"Anyone But You"

This song is inspired by my love of the British Invasion records from 1964 & 1965. I cut the track using Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars through Fender and Vox amps to get that “vintage early 60’s sound”. 🎸 Vocally, I enjoyed singing the Beatlesque harmony that colors the chorus.  For me, this song is a bit of a love letter to The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Beatles, The Stones and The Dave Clark 5 to name just a few. 

Lyrically, I tried to convey a wry declaration of friendship, love & understanding. When it came time to choose the title, I decided to use only the last phrase of my chorus because it sounds short and catchy. But in actuality, this edgy title is a misnomer because the lyric on the chorus says "It's you I want to see, I never want to be, with anyone but you".  I thought about my off-message title for a while and decided I liked the irony behind it because it adds another element of surprise to my listener. Just like life, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find the real meaning.

Special thanks to:  Tim Freund (drums) and Erik Krogh (bass) who play on the track.  Brian Gross who helped me mix the track. Patrick Bolen who helped with the pre-mix production. Chris Emmanoulides who directed the music video. Rycho Zabawa for his cover illustration.  Douglas M. for graphic design and John Surge for art direction.