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This is my new website where I plan to post music files, photos, video's. I'm in no hurry so it will be a slow build out.

Posting date: 3/9/20

Hey friends, 
Here is a video of a song I co-wrote and play on called "Del Puerto Canyon". It is being released now as part of a community movement in Northern California to save the canyon from a proposed dam development. 
Track credits for our Dusty Albinos combo: 
David Keller- Lead singer/ Acoustic Guitar 
David Lebental- Background Vocals, Bass & Pedal Steel 
Craig Martin- Piano 
Tim Freund- Drums

This was recorded at Blue Fruit Studios in Patterson, CA in the summer of 2008.

Latest News

There's a lot of fun music happening in my music life right now. The PK's are back together after a 5 year break and we have re-branded ourselves as The FM Radio Rockers. The Long Strange Trippers are ready to emerge from a winter hibernation. I'm having a lot of fun playing bass with John Moody and Hurding Cats. I have a new Trio with Melissa & Sean O'Malley and we have been gigging out. It's called Acoustic Odyssey. My Wildfire duo with Patrick Bolen will be returning again soon. I'm still occasionally playing guitar and keys with Doctor Loveless at a local joint in Redondo Beach.

I've been slowly crafting some original music and I hope to roll out some new tunes some time in the near future.

I've been producing and playing several instruments on Tim Freund's original material. I suspect it will get rolled out some time in the near future. 

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Latest Track

Pretty soon I'll have some tracks to feature and share with y'all.