"No One Else Can Do It"- digital single release 2/7/22

Hey now! I'm pleased to let you know that “No One Else Can Do It” is out now and ready for your enjoyment. This is a love song for couples who have been together for a good long time.

“No One Else Can Do It” has a lighthearted Ragtime feel that is reminiscent of songs from the 1920’s & 1930’s. It's a upbeat vibe that harkens back to some of the songs found in the Great American Songbook.  My music partner, Tim Freund, played tasty drums on the track and helped me write the lyrics. 

It's really exciting to follow where my songs are getting streamed. I have shared a bit of this fun info on this "Who's Listening Page".   

Thank you for listening! 


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